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Project Staging

09 October, 2018

The upgrade will be conducted in stages:

Stage 1 – COMPLETED August 2018

This work was undertaken during the worksite establishment for the Palace (Hyatt Centric) Hotel construction at 28-32 Elizabeth Street. The works involved straightening the existing sawtooth kerbline, a kerb which has a shape similar to the teeth of a saw when viewed from above, on the post office side of the Elizabeth Street bus mall (between Collins Street and Macquarie Street) and placing asphalt behind the kerb.

The modified bus mall will accommodate articulated (or ‘bendy’) buses (up to 19 m long) and provide more footpath space from which all passengers can easily board buses and pedestrians can move along the street. These improvements have prepared the area for Stage 2.


Stakeholder engagement and consultation is now closed. A report was submitted initially to the City Infrastructure Committee meeting on 21 November, followed by a full Council meeting on 3 December. Final designs for the shelters are available from the document library tab on the right hand side of this page.

Stage 3 – Further upgrades once the hotel is complete. Construction of the hotel is anticipated to finish in 2020.

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