What is the draft Public Spaces By-law?

    The draft Public Spaces By-law governs positive use of public spaces through activation and also restricts behaviour that is unacceptable in public spaces.  

    This draft by-law combines the current Parks, Recreation and Natural Spaces By-law, with the ‘use/activation’ elements in the current Highways and Car Parks By-laws.

    What is the draft Infrastructure By-law?

    The draft Infrastructure By-law essentially includes the technical aspects of the current Highways By-law and the ‘watercourse’ element of the current Hydraulics By-law. 

    The draft by-law comprises the following Parts - Prohibitions on a Highway, Works within a Highway and Watercourses.

    What is the draft Car Parks By-law?

    The draft Car Parks By-law comprises General Provisions and Miscellaneous Parts as well as Parking in Car Parks, with a number of the changes in the draft by-law reflecting advancements in technologies, including references to CCTV and Licence Plate Recognition.

    What is the draft Environmental Health By-law?

    Currently included together in the current Health and Environmental Services By-law, the draft Environmental Health and Waste Management By-laws have been separated into two individual by-laws to reflect two distinctly different functions.

    The draft Environmental Health By-law no longer includes ‘accommodation houses’, as this is now addressed by restrictions in the planning and building context; it also includes clauses relating to bee-keeping.

    What is the draft Waste Management By-law?

    The draft Waste Management By-law includes changes in language to reflect contemporary terminology, as well as reflecting changes in waste management practices that have evolved over the life of the current by-law.