14 September 2015

Engagement Open

Community engagement period open. Feedback and participation in the online discussion forum invited.
22 September 2015

Community Engagement Forum

As part of the Council's September Community Engagement Forum, the General Manager will provide an outline of the draft Capital City Plan for the years 2015-2025. Come along and hear first-hand the Council's priorities for the next four to ten years.
09 October 2015

Engagement Close

Community engagement period closes.
10 October → 21 October 2015


Feedback will be reviewed and collated, with amendments to the draft Capital City Plan identified and proposed for the Council's consideration.
09 November 2015

Community Engagement Results to Council

The results of this community engagement and the amendments to the plan based on community feedback presented to the Council for consideration.
23 November 2015

Draft Plan considered by the Council

The Draft Plan will be endorsed by the Council at its Annual General Meeting.