Climate Change Strategy Review Survey

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The City of Hobart was the first council in Tasmania to commit to acting on climate change and is keeping up the momentum with the development of a new Climate Change Strategy. The review of the Climate Change Strategy is being informed by two background papers: • Responding to Climate Change, which considers how Hobart can adapt and build resilience to a different future climate; and • Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which discusses options to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Both papers are available in the document library on the Your Say Hobart Climate Change Strategy Review page. The City of Hobart is seeking feedback from the community to help review the Climate Change Strategy. Developing sound solutions will require contributions from individuals, businesses, the broader community and different levels of Government. This is why we need your help; to make sure we are on the right track.

Completing the survey

This survey has been developed to help guide input into the review of the Climate Change Strategy. It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete or longer if you wish to provide detailed feedback. The survey is structured to provide feedback in relation to building resilience to climate change and reducing emissions. The focus areas of the survey are the same as those outlined in the background papers. If you are completing the survey, we encourage you to also read one or both of the background papers. The online survey can be completed up until 5 pm on Monday 5 March, 2018.

Making a submission

If you do not want to complete the survey you can also email through your feedback. Submissions provided by email should be sent to, with Climate Change Strategy Review in the subject line, by no later than 5 pm on Monday 5 March, 2018.