What is a Good Neighbour Agreement?

    A Good Neighbour Agreement aims to develop the same positive relationships that people expect of their residential neighbours.  It will increase the ability for members of the South Hobart Community to engage with the City on matters associated with the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre, and also to receive information about the operations at the Centre.

    Why has one been developed for the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre?

    The landfill component of the Waste Management Centre will be neighbours with South Hobart until its closure in 2030, and the agreement has been developed to improve the flow of information between the City and the local community.  

    Through the public consultation process for the Waste Management Strategy 2015-2030 it became clear the City could improve what, when, and how it communicated information to Community. It’s also about ensuring the City operates the Centre in a manner that minimises the local impacts such as noise, traffic, and environmental impacts.

    How has the Good Neighbour Agreement been developed?

    It has been developed following discussion with key stakeholders of the South Hobart Community.  These stakeholders have included representatives of the South Hobart Sustainability Community, the South Hobart Progress Association, and the Port Arthur Historic Site (Cascades Female Factory).  The draft agreement has been approved by the Council for release for public comment.

    What sort of things does the Good Neighbour Agreement include?

    It will provide information to the public on items including waste data, water monitoring results, resource recovery and reuse information, and informing the Community of new projects and programs at the site.  The Agreement also aims to encourage the community to engage with the City and raise concerns, queries and solutions through a structured format.

    This is not a City-wide agreement - the scope of the agreement is for the operations of the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre only, and how it inter-relates with the South Hobart Community.

    How can I view the agreement and provide comment?

    The draft agreement can be viewed under the Related Documents section.  Your feedback can be provided via the online feedback form.  Alternatively your feedback can be emailed to  holmesje@hobartcity.com.au.

    What will happen with my feedback?

    All comments received during the public engagement period will be reviewed and where appropriate the Agreement amended to reflect the community’s comments and suggestions.  A final McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre Good Neighbour Agreement will then be presented to the full Council meeting for formal adoption.

    What happens next?

    Following adoption of the Agreement, a series of meetings will be scheduled on a quarterly basis with representatives from the South Hobart Sustainability Community, the South Hobart Progress Association, and the Port Arthur Historic Site (Cascades Female Factory).  

    At the meetings the City will provide consistent information on issues like waste to landfill data and water monitoring data.  Information that is given at these meetings will also be provided on the City’s website.