A Hundred Years in Carlton Street by Pat Griffiths

almost 3 years ago

A hundred and three years ago in 1914, newly weds Philip Griffiths and Ethelinda Archbald settled into their home in Arthur Street New Town. There they brought up their family of five children.

The house had a drive made of old cobbles which led to stables built over one of the entrances to a coal mine. Coal was found in the area from Mount Stuart to Giblin Street. They closed in the late 1800's due to poor quality and flooding.

Highlights of the 1920's were the name change to Carlton Street Lenah Valley in 1921 and the connection to the sewerage and stormwater system by the City Council in 1929. This was a great improvement on the night cart.

During the 20's and 30's the family kept 2 Jersey cows. They were agisted during the day on a vacant block on the corner of Montague Street and Augusta Road. The boys took them on their way to school. Father collected them after work even when he became Solicitor General.

Today descendants still live in Carlton Street and in nearby streets in Lenah Valley, Mt Stuart and New Town.