Growing up in Lenah Valley

by Guila Kelly, over 2 years ago

My  family lived on the hill, a short walk from Augusta Road. We attended Lenah Valley Primary and most days walked to the Waverley Ave tram stop, caught the tram to the corner of Creek Road and so on to school. Often caught the tram home at lunch and back again for the afternoon.

 My father owned the property at the corner of Greenway Avenue where his brother and sister in law Roy and Molly O'Neal ran a grocery business and lived with their family at the back of the shop. Next door was the hairdressing salon run by my Aunt Dulcie Allan. She ran the salon called Minerva Salon for many years until ill health forced her to sell the lease.I still have so many memories of the salon ( including a photo of when it first opened).

Dad sold the property to a Mrs Cannon and then Sid and Myrtle Charlton purchased it. Today it is still a hairdresser and a florist shop and the residence is still behind it.

I have so many more  memories of this area and I still shop and commute there today. You could say 73 years of continuous service to the area