The Lenah Valley RSL

by Don1, over 2 years ago

when I turned 18, over 35 years ago, I decided to join the RSL.  My father, and his 'cronies' as they were called spent many Fridays after work there, and I had been a couple of times.  However, this memory is about an ANZAC Dawn Service morning.   It was 5.30am and I was going to a dawn service-I arranged to meet Dad there.  In my naivity I walked in thinking it would be relatively quiet at that time of the morning.  I couldn't believe my eyes - the place was packed -beers everywhere, and the  room thick smoke from cigarettes.  And many many conversations being held at the same time.  It could have been a normal after works drinks night but this was before Dawn!

The Lenah Valley RSL 'has always been there' - it is part of Lenah Valley, and I think the community is proud of the way it has remained part of the community for many years.