Why is the City of Hobart upgrading the streetscape in Lenah Valley?

    The City of Hobart wants to improve Lenah Valley’s local shopping village for businesses, local residents and visitors. 

    The planned streetscape improvements are a result of a collaborative engagement process involving local businesses, Council officers and a consultant team with expertise in traffic engineering, place-making and landscape architecture.

    Lenah Valley is one of five local shopping areas to receive improvements through the Transforming Hobart capital works program, and it is the first of those five to proceed to design development and implementation.  The Council resolved in December 2015 that:

    “Detailed design work be undertaken for the Lenah Valley retail precinct based on the concept design provided in “A Plan for Hobart’s Local Retail Precincts…”

    What will the project achieve?

    The project’s objective is to create a genuine urban village main street environment in Lenah Valley with spaces and elements that support social life, accessibility and walkability.

    Streetscape improvements are focused on providing a safer and more comfortable local main street.  It will include better footpaths and pedestrian crossing opportunities, street trees and new street furniture.

    When will construction start?

    Construction is planned to begin towards the end of 2017.  It is likely that the construction will occur in two stages, with one side being built in late 2017 and the other side in early 2018.

    How can I stay informed?

    There are a number of ways that you can choose to stay informed.  This Your Say page will be updated monthly or more often as needed. It’s the best place to come for all project related news.  There will also be opportunities to give feedback at times and you can direct questions to the project team this way.

    You might prefer to receive a regular project newsletter. Newsletters can be emailed or posted.  Please contact us to let us know if you would like to receive a newsletter. 

    How can I give feedback or ask a question?

    The City wants to hear from the community throughout the project and your feedback, comments and questions are welcome at any time.  We also have a number of ways that we will be actively seeking community feedback throughout the project.


    Firstly, you can fill in a survey to let us know what is important to you.

    There is a Traders Survey for people who operate businesses in the Lenah Valley area and a Community Survey for people who visit the precinct including Lenah Valley residents, people who work nearby or visitors.

    Project Action Team

    A community-based Project Action Team is meeting monthly with Council officers to provide regular feedback.  This team includes local business operators, residents and representatives of community organizations.  

    Concept design

    Once a concept design has been developed, we will be seek feedback from the whole community.  At that point, plans will be available on the Your Say page for you to view and provide comment on.