Project Stages

12 months ago
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The project stages detailed below. If unexpected changes to the program occur, this page will be kept up to date.

Postcards: December 2018 – February 2019 (complete)
Postcards were distributed to local traders, residents, owners and occupiers, in December 2018. People were invited to share a quick message about what they like about midtown and what they would change to make it a more people friendly street. The responses have assisted us with planning the engagement program.

Issues and Vision: February - March 2019 (complete)
The focus in this stage is on listening to the broad perspectives within the community and gathering everyone's views. At the end of this stage we will have a thorough understanding of the range of issues and aspirations to be considered. Activities include:

Online survey – 25 February - end March

Midtown vision workshops (13 and 14 March)
Workshops were held to help determine the community's vision for the precinct

Directions and options: April – May 2019 (current)
Council staff are working closely with a Project Action Team (PAT) made up of community stakeholders, to develop a design philosophy and make specific recommendations to the Council regarding the priorities for the streetscape upgrade.

We have a group of people who are passionate about Midtown and are helping the City plan the upgrade. Our community representatives are people of different ages, backgrounds and lives, including people who live, work and own businesses here.

Draft concept: June-September 2019
Subject to Council approval, during this stage, the City's design team will develop a streetscape design proposal, based on the PAT’s recommendations.

Concept review: September - October 2019
Concept design proposals will be exhibited in the precinct in October 2019, together with a feedback survey. This will test the concept with the broader community stakeholders.

Detailed design: November 2019-April 2020
Once the Council has given approval for the project to proceed, detailed designs will be prepared in preparation for construction.

Construction: commence mid 2020
Construction is expected to commence in mid-2020. We will be in touch with traders, residents and other stakeholders closer to the start date.