Shared Use Tracks

by AishaPaulsen,

August 2019

The City of Hobart is developing a mountain bike network plan to improve riding experiences on the the lower slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

People may prefer to share tracks and trails with their own user group (for example, walkers with other walkers , mountain bikers with other mountain bikers) but we want to hear from you.

This survey will ask which activity you identify with most strongly - as a mountain bike rider, walker or runner - and will then take you through a series of questions that will:

  • help inform the development of our mountain bike network plan;
  • improve mountain biking experiences on our track network;
  • take into consideration the experiences of other users.

We have provided a number of maps that show how many of our tracks are available for riders, walkers and runners. Fire trails, although they play an important role in our track network, were built for emergency and operational reasons and so have not been shown on these maps.

We encourage you to provide general comments at the end of the survey.

Note: Any new track developments are dependent on a number of factors including cultural and natural value assessments and available funding.

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