What’s the extent of the project area?

    The overall study area is New Town Road, between Pirie Street and Risdon Road.  The focus of the project will occur roughly between the Post Office 176 and the Salvos / New Town Greenstore.  There will also be some 'gateway' improvements near Woolworths and Pirie Street.  And there will be improvements to the footpaths and side street crossings along the precinct.  Stay tuned for the draft Streetscape Plan, due for release in March 2018.  

    Who’s involved?

    The project is being undertaken by the City of Hobart in collaboration with the local New Town community.  A Project Action Team, made up of about 20 local residents and business owners has worked together to provide recommendations to the Council about the scope and priorities of the project.  In addition to these committed locals, we have engaged with hundreds of local people who live, work, study, visit or shop nearby - particularly in and around the New Town Road shopping area from Pirie Street to Risdon Road, including residents, students, land owners, businesses, employers, schools, community groups and organisations. 

    When will construction works commence?

    Construction is planned to commence in early 2019.     

    Will there be any loss of on street car parking?

    Safe and accessible places for people to cross the street have emerged as the highest priority of the local community.  In order to provide better pedestrian crossing facilities some kerbside parking space needs to be used.  Two bus stops are planned to be removed in order to consolidate the bus stops, and this will provide some additional space. 

    Where can I find more information?

    There is a lot of information on this site in the related documents section.  In addition, register your interest in the project here to receive project bulletins.

    or, contact the project manager, Sarah Bendeich 6238 2584 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au

    Will Valentine and Cross Streets be closed to New Town Road traffic, like in the 2015 master plan?

    The Project Action Team's recommendation for this area is to design the intersection so that it can be closed to traffic using bollards, allowing for temporary events to take place here.  The intersection will operate as it does currently.

    What will change?

    There will be new and improved pedestrian crossing facilities on New Town Road and the side streets along New Town Road.  Improved footpaths, seating, trees and planting, public art elements, bus shelters will all be included in the project.  There will be an emphasis on making the streetscape more attractive and comfortable, with opportunities to stop, rest, meet neighbours and feel welcome.

    What bicycle infrastructure will be provided?

    New Town Road is part of Hobart's northern priority route for bicycles, however there are constraints to providing bike lanes due to the busy nature of the road, the need to retain on-street car parking to support retail businesses and the width of the road.  

    CDM Research provided analysis, options and recommendations for the provision of bicycle infrastructure in the New Town precinct. The full report is available on this yoursay page under 'library' / 'planning documents'.

    Given the high volumes of traffic on the arterial road, there are safer, quiet alternatives that may be more suitable for bike riders - to the east, Pirie and Cross Streets to Intercity Cycleway, and to the west, Clare and Pedder Streets. The Hobart Bicycle Advisory Committee will consider a plan to identify and signpost these alternative parallel routes.

    In addition, and acknowledging that some cyclists will continue to ride along New Town Road, short sections of painted lanes will be provided (where the cross section of the road allows) in areas where conflict is most likely - in the uphill direction adjacent to median islands in the centre of the road.  

    A bicycle lane (in the uphill direction) will also be provided between Pirie Street and Argyle Street on New Town Road.

    Will there be changes to speed limits?

    The State Government is responsible for approving changes to speed limits in Tasmania.  After the streetscape changes have been implemented, traffic speeds would be monitored and any changes considered then, in consultation with the community.

    Why are trees proposed in the middle of the road?

    A major theme that emerged during community engagement was a request for trees and plants to soften the look and feel of the activity precinct.  Significant amounts of underground services and utilities in the footpaths and parking lanes on both sides of the road, and overhead powerless on the north/east side, make the expense of installing trees in these areas prohibitive.  

    The central median provides some opportunity for tree installation.  During the detail design phase, it will be important to ensure that tree selection, installation method and placement of trees complies with requirements to maintain safe sight distances, clearances for vehicles and root barriers to protect road pavements.

    Some areas of hardy, low planting are also proposed. These will provide amenity benefits in areas where people will be crossing the road and spending time.