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We stepped into a foot of water ....

by Sharn and Noel, 06 November, 2019

Around 11 pm on the night of Thursday 10 May, as we listened to the downpour from our upstairs bedroom, we heard loud banging on our front door. We walked down our stairs and were shocked to discover the whole ground floor under a foot of water. On opening the front door to our lovely neighbour Andy, water rushed out of our home and down the street. Andy, our neighbourly angel, had also been flooded and saw that a huge amount of water was coming off our property onto Denison St.

So began a 15 month saga of removing and assessing damaged goods, furniture and our home, insurance claims and loss adjusters, much waiting, internal demolition of our home by builders, living in Airbnbs for 5 months, then camping in our home for 3 more months whilst our kitchen, bathroom and laundry were rebuilt, then finally reassembling our furniture and goods.

We were very fortunate to have a great builder. Building and contents damage came to $200,000.

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