When will the tracks be built?

    The proposal identifies and prioritises future mountain bike tracks for consideration.  Implementation of the plan will be dependent on the City’s securing further external funding.

    Is this project related to the Cable Car?

    No, this project is unrelated to the cable car proposal. 

    Will you be working with Glenorchy Council?

    Yes we have liaised with the Glenorchy City Council throughout the development of the proposed network.  We will continue to do so throughout the implementation of the project. 

    Have illegal and unauthorised tracks been considered as part of this plan?

    The City of Hobart is aware of the location of illegal and unauthorised tracks and they have been assessed for formalisation and/or closure as part of this project. 

    Why only the lower foothills of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington?

    There are many reasons: 

    • The area is already popular with local riders and is a major tourist attraction.    
    • The foothills are much more accessible for both locals and visitors than the mountain’s higher slopes.    
    • The foothills present an opportunity to consolidate an existing mountain bike network rather than create a ‘new’ network elsewhere that could lead to habitat fragmentation in areas of high biodiversity.    
    • The soil types are more suitable for building mountain bike tracks and as a result production costs are lower.

    The scope of this project only investigated the lower foothills.

    Is there consideration to formalise tracks on private land?

    The City of Hobart is aware that tracks are regularly used on private land.  While we cannot formally assess these tracks as part of this project, the City is working with private land holders for potential opportunities in the future. 

    Will the proposed tracks be for mountain bike use only?

    The majority of new tracks will be single track and purpose-built for mountain bikers. Single tracks are generally narrower than shared-use tracks, create a better connection between the rider and environment and offer greater technical challenges. There is scope to investigate some shared use, for example a new track might be suited to bikes going uphill and walkers/runners travelling downhill.