Is vehicle access to Salamanca Place being restricted?

    No. The only real change proposed is that a driver driving towards Salamanca Place on Morrison Street would no longer be able to drive through the centre of the Salamanca Lawns and across Salamanca Place onto Montpelier Retreat (past ‘The Whaler’ and ‘Retro Café’.

    These drivers instead would continue along the curved road between the Parliamentary Lawns and onto Salamanca Place near the Gladstone Street roundabout. 

    What Changes Are Happening to Parking?

    The overall number of car parking spaces in the project area will not change. Three existing parking spaces are proposed to be removed from in front of ‘The Whaler’ to allow better pedestrian access, but these would be replaced by an increased number of spaces in the car park next to the Tasman Fountain, which will increase from 21 to 24 car parking spaces.

    Additional bicycle parking would also be provided as a part of the project to assist people who wish to ride into the area.

    Are any street trees being removed?

    Yes. None of the trees that are heritage listed or on the ‘significant tree register’ would be effected. Nine smaller trees would be removed, and replaced with five more appropriate trees that will offer better shade and protection.

    Why are zebra crossings proposed?

    'Zebra’ crossings are pedestrian crossings (marked by large white painted strips on the road surface) where drivers of vehicles on a road must give way to pedestrians. In this case, because vehicles are being driven slowly through the area, and because there are a large number of pedestrians, the zebra crossings are proposed to make pedestrians feel safer and more comfortable walking through the area.

    When would the construction occur?

    If the design is supported, it is currently planned that construction would start in early 2019 (after the main summer tourist season).

    Because the funding for the project would be spread over three financial years, the project would be constructed in several separate stages.

    We don’t yet know exactly how the project would be split into these stages, but the timing of the construction would be undertaken to try to minimise any impact on the summer tourist season and events like Dark Mofo / Winterfeast.