Community Engagement Background

5 months ago
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In 2018, the City worked with the community to develop its first Smart City Framework. The framework aims to provide a roadmap for how the City uses technology and data to better service the community’s needs, improve liveability, manage resources, drive economic activity and foster innovation. We offered a range of ways that the community engagement could get involved including:

  • Smart City Forums – in August 2018, the City hosted three public forums with industry guest speakers aimed at exploring the following subjects:The Art of Possible - the evolution of urban technology, policy and design; What you need to know – the roles and rights of the individual within a modern city; and Building a Contemporary Australian City – Hobart’s thought-leadership role as a capital city within the Australia’s national smart city blueprint.
  • Stakeholder Meetings – we spoke with cross-industry representatives from around the country, as well as major stakeholders and community members within our city.
  • City of Hobart Staff Workshops – we spoke to staff members from all kinds of fields to find out their ideas for Smart City projects.
  • Community Survey and post card – we asked to community to contribute their ideas for a Smart City via an online survey and reply paid post card.