What is a ‘Smart City’?

    A city by its very definition includes lots of people and businesses and things. A Smart City is a simple way of describing the way in which these complex modern communities work together through the use of new technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and community welfare. 

    How will becoming a smart city benefit our community?

    It will provide new ways of involving citizens in the development of services and experiences within their city. It will also help the City of Hobart consider new ways of dealing with big strategic challenges like city growth, innovation, social inclusion and safety. 

    What is the City of Hobart's role in making Hobart a smart city?

    The City’s first role is to consult and work together with all stakeholders, including citizens, all tiers of government, universities, businesses and other councils across Tasmania to build the strategy and action plan that will define the range of innovative service programs best suited to our unique city.

    What is the Smart City Framework?

    The Connected Hobart Smart City Framework, lays out the architecture for Smart Cities decision-making in Hobart. It provides our definitions for the important components of a Smart City and what they mean for the city so people will better understand the intent behind each significant infrastructure and innovative decision we need to make. The framework responds to both exciting and concerning trends associated with this latest industrial revolution and acknowledges the importance of dealing directly with this tension.

    What is the Smart City Action Plan?

    The action plan is operational: the framework in practice, in the real world. It has over 50 specific projects. Some are large and some are small. All of them start to move us through this period of inevitable change and support the intent described in the ConnectedHobart Smart City Framework.

    How were the framework and action plan developed?

    Connected Hobart was created in consultation with cross-industry representatives from around the country, as well as major stakeholders and community members within our city. City of Hobart staff from all kinds of fields – from parks to traffic to community programs to infrastructure – took part in bringing it together.

    To find out about how the community got involved view the project background HERE.  Further information can also be found in the a report that went to Council on 1 April 2019.  The report is available for viewing HERE.

    How can I get involved?

    We welcome your feedback and invite you to have your say by completing the online survey.  You are also invited to attend a community forum where you can find out more about the framework and action plan, ask questions and experience some of the initiatives that the City is working on.

    The community forum will be held in late May - date to be announced.

    What will happen to my feedback?

    Following the engagement period, the City will review all feedback received and where appropriate use this information to amend the Connected Hobart Strategy and Action Plan.