What's the background of smoke-free areas in Hobart?

    Smoke-free areas have been declared in and around the Hobart central business district since 2012. Smoke-free laws aim to protect the health of non-smokers, de-normalise smoking, and support smokers by making it easier to quit. New laws in 2017 also declared the use of e-cigarettes and herbal cigarettes as a form of smoking.

    The City of Hobart awareness and compliance program is designed to enable proactive risk minimisation within available resources. The City Planning Division uses a collaborative approach to achieve the expectations of the Public Health Act 1997.

    Where are the designated smoke-free areas in Hobart?

    The City of Hobart has smoke-free public places and smoke-free outdoor dining areas to make the city a cleaner and healthier place to live and visit.  Smoke free areas include:

    - City of Hobart car parks
    - Bus and pedestrian malls
    - Bus shelters
    - Outdoor-dining areas
    - Sports venues
    - Patrolled beaches
    - Public swimming pools
    - Children's playgrounds

    More information on Hobart's smoke-free areas can be found on the City of Hobart website

    How is the Council raising awareness of the smoke-free areas?

    All smoke-free areas are appropriately signed to indicate you are within a smoke-free area. Since January 2018, monthly awareness sessions have been held in declared areas, with council officers setting up displays and providing advice and information to smokers and non-smokers and answering any questions. 

    Proprietors of premises with outdoor dining areas on council land are also provided with signage and support to assist them to educate the public about the requirement to keep these areas smoke-free at all times.

    Who can support me to quit smoking?

    Quit Tasmania has fantastic resources available to anyone who is interested in quitting smoking.  To find out how they can support you, visit the Quit Tasmania website.