Copy of residential mail out

28 June, 2019

Dear South Hobart Residents


The City has received a number of requests for the installation of additional resident parking permit zones in various streets across South Hobart.

It is the City’s understanding that the reasons for these requests range from the lack of private off street parking, lack of on street parking for visitors and tradespeople, the inability to exit property in a convenient manner or simply the dislike of commuter parking fronting residential properties.

Before making a decision on what sort of parking control is most suitable (either a resident permit parking zone, a time limited zone or no changes at all) the City is seeking your opinion to understand the parking issues experienced in your street.

The City will be surveying all residential properties from Gore Street to McRobies Road/Wellesley Park between the Hobart Rivulet and Davey Street/Huon Road. If you have received this letter then your street is being surveyed.

A resident parking permit zone allows residents (who qualify for resident parking and are happy to pay $50 per year for a permit) to find parking closer to home. Non‑residents would be able to park for a maximum of 2 hours during business hours, Monday to Friday. Resident parking permit zones are generally limited in size to accommodate only the number of vehicles requiring permits in a street.

It is important to note that the City:

  • will only make changes to residential parking if the majority of residents that reside in the street agree to see changes;
  • will only install the amount of residential parking required and cannot promise to install a zone fronting individual properties that have said yes to the zone;
  • is not seeking to place restrictions in entire streets or down the entire side of roads;
  • when evaluating the results, will assume that residents that have not filled in a survey are happy with the current parking arrangements.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact Jason McLeod.

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