Module 1 - Freight, Port and Air

22 Sep 2016

Every home and business in Hobart uses the freight network. Goods are delivered to shops and businesses via air, port, rail and road transport chains. Population and business growth may continue to increase the amount of freight needing to be moved to and through Hobart.

This consultation occured in late September and October 2016.

The Freight, Port and Air background paper explains the freight task and it’s relevance to the City of Hobart. Relevant documents, information and related startegies can be found within the background paper. The background paper also provides information on other areas of interest for the City in relation to freight such as:

  • Loading zones

  • Major construction works in the City

  • Hobart Port access

  • Land use planning and the road hierarchy

To find out more read the Freight, Port and Air Consultation Background Paper.

To understand the result of the consultation read the Freight, Port and Air Consultation Outcomes Report now.

Consultation has concluded

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