Module 2 - Private Transport

22 Sep 2016

The private transport module covers the modes of transport that individuals have absolute control over. As individuals we can decide to walk, ride a bicycle, ride a motor cycle and drive a car or a mobility vehicle – subject to the standard road rules, licensing and applicable regulations - and at the time we choose.

This consultation occurred between early December 2016 and March 2017.

The private transport background paper will provide information on the current modal split in the City of Hobart and illustrate the differing levels of infrastructure provided in the City. The background paper will also provide information on other areas of interest for the City relating to private transport such as:

  • Parking

  • Peak hour traffic congestion

  • Health and aging population needs

  • Active transport - cycling and walking

  • Environmental considerations

  • Major developments

  • Future Transforming Hobart projects

  • Land use planning, the road hierarchy and the Victorian model of SmartRoads

To find out more view the Private Transport Background Paper now.

To understand the result of the consultation read the Private Transport Consultation Report.

Consultation has concluded

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