Tree Planting Criteria: Constraints and Opportunities

about 1 year ago

It is not always possible to plant a tree where we would like to. Pedestrian access requirements, underground and above ground services, as well as road width and bicycle lane requirements mean tree planting may be impossible or cost prohibitive.

In some circumstances the only way to provide trees would require significant redesign of a public space. For example, increasing the footpath width, creating kerb outstands next to parking bays or planting centrally within the road. This level of infrastructure change generally needs to be done as part of a road reconstruction projects or precinct upgrades and is outside of the scope of the planting program.

The City of Hobart takes a ‘right tree, right place’ approach that considers and responds to the constraints and opportunities of each site when selecting species and planting location.

Site Opportunities

- Enhancing neighbourhood character
- Summer shading and cooling
- Providing greater biodiversity
- Improving mental health and weelbeing
- Encouraging walking and cycling
- Seasonal display
- Year-round greening
- Natural screening
- Reducing air pollution
- Feature planting.

Site Constraints

- Above ground infrastructure (powerlines and awnings)
- Below ground infrastructure (water, gas and electrical services)
- Set-back and line-of-sight requirements from crossovers and streets intersections
- Footpath width to maintain accessibility
- Clearway times and on-street parking requirements (prevents/limits planting in the road)
- Environmental factors- water availability, soil characteristics, wind and shading from adjacent buildings.

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