If I put in a request will a tree definitely be planted?

    Not necessarily. We will assess each individual request to determine whether it is appropriate to plant a tree in the proposed location. There are restrictions on whether we can plant trees in a particular location, or what trees can be planted. Some of these restrictions are:

    -  the type and location of services above and below ground;

    -  the width of the footpath to allow access for wheel chairs and prams;

    -  sight lines from vehicles, particularly near intersections and crossovers;

    -  planting offset distances from power poles, light poles, signage and other infrastructure; and

    -  the amount and expense of modifications to surrounding infrastructure.

    Do I get to choose what tree will be planted?

    We are committed to planting the right tree in the right place to minimise conflict with surrounding infrastructure while also providing the greatest benefits to the community. Tree species will be selected based on the trees already in the street, restrictions due to above and below ground services, the width of footpath, the local neighbourhood character and the ability of the new tree the thrive in the local conditions. In most cases we will select the species of tree in order to achieve consistent avenue plantings. 

    In cases where a whole street is getting planted we will consult with the residents and choose a species that the majority of residents prefer.

    When are trees planted?

    Tree planting occurs each year during the cooler months of April to September.

    How can I get a tree planted soon?

    We will develop a five year planting program based on a number of resources including the feedback from this process. We will prioritise planting in streets and parks where there are a higher number of requests from different residents. If you want to increase the chance of your street being planted talk to your neighbours about submitting a tree request form.

    I am not a ratepayer- can I submit a request?

    Yes, anyone can submit a location of where they would like to see trees planted in the City of Hobart.

    Can I request Council plant a tree on private land?

    No, we can only plant tree on Council managed land.

    How many requests can I submit?

    You can submit up to 10 nominations.

    Can we have fruit trees planted?

    As a general rule we don’t plant fruit trees in streets due to the potential of the fruit dropping on cars causing damage or dropping on footpaths creating a slipping hazard. There are some parks and other strips of land where fruit tree planting may be possible, particularly if there is a lot of community support for it.

    When will the tree planting program be finalised?

    While we are not expecting to finalise the program until late 2019 we are hoping to plant some of the proposed locations in the 2019 planting season which runs from April to September.