Roads, Footpaths and Stormwater and other Infrastructure

over 3 years ago
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The Council is responsible for an extensive network of roads and footpaths, both in terms of managing the safe and efficient movement of traffic and pedestrians, as well as ensuring the assets are well maintained. It has an active program of inspections and implementing improvements in traffic management.

The City of Hobart's road and footpath network includes:

  • More than 280 kilometres of sealed roads
  • Over 5 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • More than 425 kilometres of footpaths, predominantly comprised of asphalt and concrete
  • 67 bridges comprised mainly of concrete and steel structures.

The Council's inspection program identifies hazards, such as uneven footpath surfaces, damaged signs, potholes and trees overhanging the footpath.

The Council also owns and manages more than 339 kilometres of stormwater mains and more than 550 other stormwater assets, including kerb and gutters and dish drains, as well as rivulets and creeks that run for more 60 kilometres in length.

The Council not only maintains the existing drainage infrastructure by cleaning and repairing pipes, pits and drains, but also by upgrading or replacing them as necessary.

Rivulets and waterways across the City are also maintained, including a program of weed removal and native plant revegetation.

An in-house design and project management unit supports Council's significant new capital works program.

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