Why make any changes to on street parking on Creek Road?

    The changes are needed to make Creek Road safer by improving the existing zebra crossing and making sure there is enough space on the road for traffic to move safely.

    The City of Hobart has been contacted by a number of people who are concerned about the traffic and safety on this road and who have had their parked cars damaged.

    The priority for this project is to improve the safety of this section of Creek Road, for pedestrians and drivers. But to make the safety improvements, the amount of space available for parking will be reduced, which may be less convenient for residents and users of the sports grounds and community halls in Creek Road.

    Can the road be made wider instead?

    No. This is not an option that can be achieved within the allocated budget or timeframe for this project.

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just ban parking on one side of the road?

    It might be simpler, but not necessarily better for residents. The City wants to ensure that the needs of residents and the community are understood before implementing any changes.

    The proposed parking layout plan has been drafted with the idea that most residents would prefer to have parking on the same side of the street as their homes.

    How much parking will be removed?

    Approximately 18 car parks would be removed – six car parking spaces near the John Turnbull Park and 12 car parking spaces on the inside of the curve between Wilks Road and Maria Street.

    How much parking will remain?

    A total of 32 parking spaces will remain – including five car parking spaces outside the houses between Augusta Road and Wellwood Street (which includes two ¼P spaces near the Corner Bites Store), six car parking spaces plus the school bus zone adjacent to the school between Wellwood Street and Wilks Road and 21 car parking spaces on the outside of the curve between Wilks Road and Maria Street.

    When will this happen?

    It is expected that the road work and parking changes will happen in Autumn 2016.

    How much will this work cost?

    A total of $35,000 has been allocated for this project - $30,000 from the Australian Government’s 2015/2016 Black Spot Program and co-contribution of $5,000 from the City of Hobart.

    What is a Black Spot project?

    The Black Spot Program is an Australian Government program which aims to reduce crashes on Australian roads by improving road safety. In Tasmania, the program is administered by the department of State Growth and each year Councils or community members can nominate locations for road safety improvement projects.