What is the Joggers Loop?

    The Joggers Loop is a 1.8km bitumen road closed to traffic, incorporating 565m of gravel track, located around the summit of the Queens Domain. The Joggers Loop is currently a shared
    use track, popular for running, walking, dog walking and family cycling. The
    track traverses through bushland, and provides views over the Derwent River and
    surrounding city.

    What is proposed?

    The Joggers Loop redevelopment concept includes:

    • removing approximately half of the bitumen surface, and replacing it with a ‘natural’ running surface
    • maintaining the remaining bitumen surface for cycling and walking
    • improving road crossings with signage and other safety measure
    • constructing a new section of bitumen walkway connecting the Joggers Loop to Upper Domain Road
    • upgrading existing car parks
    • installing support facilities, including wayfinding signage, water fountain, dog bag dispenser, and seating

    Why this proposal?

    Development of the Joggers Loop was instigated by local running enthusiasts, and is based on the popularity of well-known running facilities in Australia and overseas. These include the ‘Tan Track’ in Melbourne and ‘Pre’s Trail’ in Portland, USA, which has a bark chip surface.

    The proposed redevelopment of the track will provide runners, cyclists and recreational walkers with a purpose-built facility not currently available in the city, and improve opportunities for these activities on the Queens Domain.