Corporate Operations

almost 3 years ago
Corporate operations

The Council comprises 12 elected representatives who are the decision makers and direction setters. In support of that role is the City of Hobart led by the General Manager, who is supported by the executive leadership team to implement Council decisions and policies.

The executive leadership team comprises the General Manager and director of each of the six divisions. The City of Hobart workforce consists of 585 full-time-equivalent officers who deliver services, projects and programs to the community.

Corporate Operations activities include:

  • Customer Service Centre
  • Aldermanic support and administering Council and Committee meetings
  • managing portfolio of insurance policies
  • risk management
  • internal and external audits and quality control
  • legal services
  • human resource services
  • workplace health and safety advice and support
  • payroll services
  • information and records management systems
  • information and communication technology services

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