Anacanthe Park Lenah Valley and surrounds by Attila Borzak

by Attila Borzak , almost 3 years ago

I was born in 1966 and grew up as a child in Lenah Valley, lived on Brushy Creek road.

you can see Ancanthe park from Dads house which as a kid in early 1970s could see the whole park and Lady Franklin museum now the trees are huge of course.

I remember the local council put down a brown coloured tar surface in the park for the first time in early 70s so me and my friends had to test it out with our skate boards of course and we were impressed.

also remember many trees been planted in Ancanthe Park by the council in the early 1970s,

when there was lots of rain running down the creek we used to build Dams and see how high we could build it near the park. also had school friends lived up Lenah Valley road where there was better water flow and in the summer we used to swim in it where there was a deep section.

Behind Dads house on Brushy creek road was all bush back then before developers moved in and it was also our playground for hide and seek and just running around,,great memories

also remember winter of 1974 snow fell over night and Lenah Valley was transformed into a winter wonderland, there is a picture of me standing next to Dads car as he is about to drive me to Lenah Valley public school more great memories..

also when I walked to Lenah Valley public school there used to be a milk bar called the

Little Big store where me and my friends used to stop on way home from school the owner Mrs Randall had 2 sons also my school friends back then we stopped to buy a 20 cent bag of lollies which was about 3 lollies for a cent back in those days just Awesome.

anyway Ancanthe Park and Lenah Valley was and still is a Beautiful place with great memories of my childhood.

regards Attila Borzak..