Lenah Valley Lament by Diane Briggs (McFarlane)

almost 3 years ago

I have lived in my current house in Girrabong Road for 34 years and the wallabies have never been a problem until the last three years. What has changed?

Lenah Valley Lament

I've done my bit

all Summer through

and fed the wallabies

and the kangaroo

with luscious lettuces

and succulent silverbeet

and Black Russian kale

which they really love to eat.

Now I'm kept awake all night

with the thumping of their feet

as they hop along the path

to access my back garden

where they munch away at will

with never a 'beg pardon'.

I'm really getting sick of it

I'm sure you would be too

If your back lawn was covered

with big piles of roo pooh!

If only I could catch one

I'd cook a nice roo stew!