Tall Poppy by Diane Briggs (McFarlane)

almost 3 years ago

In the 1940's and 50's the double decker trams used to travel as far as Giblin Street. They were wonderful!

Tall Poppy

Proudly commandeering

the middle of the road

she endeavours

to stay on track

venturing on her

rattling stop start journey

to and from the city

holding up traffic

swallowing and disgorging

ticketed strap-hanging passengers

conducted by an orchestration

of overhead bell-pull instructions

sending her once more on her way

swaying to the ch-chink ch-chink ch-chink

metallic rhythm of wheels

conveying her double deckered splendor

towards the next stop

and the net stop and the next stop

and finally

to the terminus.

She is lonely

in the shed

at the Transport Museum.