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Engagement History

almost 2 years ago

The City of Hobart is proposing an off-leash dog area at John Turnbull Park in Lenah Valley with development expected to take place across 2017–18.

The City would like to include the following aspects into the design:

· new formalized car parking

· sand digging pit for dogs

· shaded areas

· informal seating

· sensory mulch pit area for dogs

· agility and social area

· new gravel walking path

· new fence line

· water supply

· waste bins and dog bags

· new signage

To find out more view the proposed concept plan, then have your say by completing the feedback form below. You can also come along to our Listening Posts, the first one is 10 to 11:30am on Wednesday the 19th of July. Additional dates and times are listed on the right hand side of this page.

Feedback received during this consultation will be collated and assist in the review of planning to create the final design.


Final plans will be available at an open house meeting for the dog park to be held at Town Hall in the lower ground conference room (access is via the parking deck off Elizabeth Street) on 5 February from 5.30-7pm. Dog park rules will be discussed with some room for community input.
The project will be constructed in the first quarter of 2018. A start date will be communicated once the final plans are available and we know the delivery date of the equipment.

In the meantime here are some of the results from the survey we hosted in 2017.

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Jeduthun over 1 year ago
Fencing plan around river wasn't clear on original design. Place has been ruined.
Trish Commane over 1 year ago
Congratulations HCC on a fabulous dog park. As a resident of this suburb we have used John Turnbull Park for many years. This new development of the area was long over due. Just note due to more use the access driveway at the bottom (where the community garden is) it is starting to wear at the point where the bitumen meets the gravel. Even in the short time the park has been open. So many users now. Smaller cars will 'bottom out' accessing this area. Also the large pine tree (on the right hand side when driving out) could do with a trim (PLEASE don't cut it down) to improve sight when leaving the area.
Rebecca Moles over 1 year ago
I was initially very concerned about the Turnball Park plans as I thought it would restrict the dogs exercise area but I am delighted with what the council have done, so have to say I got it wrong. .Its great and we go there often with our border collie who has a great run and very social time..thank you and congratulations
Author Commented AishaPaulsen over 1 year ago
Dear c howells - thank you for your message. Our head of Parks and Recreation, Peter Kerstan was on site at John Turnbull park yesterday. He advises that delays are due to the sealant not curing as it should. That particular work was done by a contractor and the information you received was based upon the contractors advice that the sealant should have set by Saturday. Unfortunately, it is still soft and the rain today will delay the process even further. We apologies for the delays and will pass on your concerns to the contractor. We will endeavor to remove the fence as soon as possible, as long as it is safe to do so.
c howells over 1 year ago
Hi Peter,I spoke with the guys doing the paths and fences at john turnbull Thursday morning, asking them, very nicely to move the bit of fencing around the 'arc or eye or sand stone seating circle' as I have heaps of trouble walking around it. I use a walking stick and have struggled for it seems months. And they said the sealing stuff on the path will be good on Saturday to move the fencing, but it will 'definately' be moved Monday as they don't work Saturdays. I walked corny bay all weekend and went back today and the fence is still there.The park is looking great. Can you please make a call to the right person to have it moved, they said it was always the plan to move it asap.Kind regards Christie
Author Commented AishaPaulsen over 1 year ago
Dear nick17v Both dogs attacking or dogs off-lead in an on-lead zone are matters that Council investigates. Council officers regularly patrol all on-lead areas that are known to officers as ‘hot spots’ for non-compliance. They undertake to educate and where necessary enforce the associated regulations with respect to having one’s dog off-lead in an on-lead zone. In relation to the dog attacks, these are considered very serious matters and I request that you contact Council’s Animal Management Unit as soon as possible on 6238 2182 so that we can investigate the attacks as a matter of priority.-Site Admin-
nick17v over 1 year ago
Just had my kid (2yo) attacked again by a dog just outside the playground. What should we do when dog owners refuse to leash their dog and fail to have it under control? is this a police issue or council?Or is it one of those kind of volunteer things that means no one ever gets in trouble for having out of control dogs running free along a kids playground?
Author Commented AishaPaulsen almost 2 years ago
Dear Tortle333Currently the park from the oval down is an off lead area. With the new fenced dog park, the area outside of the fencing may become on lead only.
Author Commented AishaPaulsen almost 2 years ago
Dear DavidDennis As part of our reconfiguration of the park we will undertake a traffic survey inside the park once we have completed work and the park is being activated at its regular capacity. We have passed your concerns about on street parking onto Traffic Management and if you would like to contact them directly please phone the council’s manager of traffic engineering, Angela Moore on 6238 2804. Parking across driveways is illegal and I would also ask that you contact the police directly with your concerns, particularly at the time of infringement. Also, as one of the council members that placed the letter in your letterbox, I am truly sorry we missed you. We did make several attempts at direct contact with every impacted household along Creek Rd and apologise for missing you in this instance. If you would like to discuss this matter further or would like me to chat with you about the status of your enquiry please don’t hestitate in contacting me: Aisha Paulsen, Community Engagement Officer, 62383831.
Tortle333 almost 2 years ago
I thought it was already an off lead area. I have been tripped several times by dogs running under my feet when I’ve been running on the oval at John Turnbull.
DavidDennis almost 2 years ago
Considering that Creek Road residents already contend with parents clogging the street and parking over driveways twice a day on most school days... what will be done with the extra traffic and cars? If we continue to have people park over our driveways (which can only become worse with additional dog walkers) we will be forced to park in the street on weekdays to prevent more occurrences of being 'trapped' in our own driveways. Why wasn't Rangeview Crescent Reserve considered a better option, with ample unused parking space and very light traffic? Oh, and to the two Council representatives that placed the "sorry we missed you for a chat" letter in my letterbox. I was right there not 4 metres from you when you didn't go beyond the letterbox.