Why is Marieville Esplanade the focus for this project?

    Marieville Esplanade has significant community and private assets, in its residences, playgrounds, dog walking and open space areas and marinas. 

    The Marieville Esplanade area is identified as being vulnerable to the sea level rise impacts of coastal inundation and erosion resulting from climate change. The Tasmanian Government coastal hazard mapping indicates that while the area is currently exposed to these risks, they will increase over time, with inundation being a more significant long-term risk than coastal erosion.

    What are the objectives of the project?

    The City has engaged Climate Planning to undertake a conversation with the community so that we are better informed when considering any responses that may be required to manage these impacts. The conversation will

    • - inform the community and City of Hobart of the identified coastal hazards within the Marieville Esplanade area.
    • - identify and invite the sharing of local coastal values, stories, anecdotes and experiences associated with the project area.
    • - provide an overview of adaptation options that are typically used to respond to coastal hazards in the medium to long term.

    What will happen to my feedback?

    The outputs of this community conversation will be reported to the Hobart City Council and used to inform further coastal adaptation planning and considerations for the project area. It is recognised at the outset of this project that further investigation and technical studies, along with detailed community consultation, will be required before any adaptation action is considered or implemented.