Please provide feedback regarding draft Dog Management Policy

about 1 year ago
CLOSED: Feedback regarding the draft Dog Management Policy has concluded.

The document regarding the Draft Dog Management Policy will be open for public comments and submissions until 4 February 2018. 

  • Peter Franklin about 1 year ago
    The dog management plan does not seem to include barking in public places such as this playground, it seems to mostly assume the dog is barking at the owner’s residence. However excessive barking is often elsewhere, including parksAlthough there is mention of COH having a responsibility to educate members of the community about responsible dog ownership it only mentions running events at the domain. There is also mention of patrols to increase compliance, which is an applauded improvement. However, COH should be much more proactive in the important job of educating dog owners by active visits by animal management officers to the various locations where dogs are permitted.Hardly any mention of signs is mentioned, except at areas needing environmental protection. That COH is recognising that dogs in these areas need management action is commended. But signage about dog owners responsibilities should also be displayed at appropriate parks and reserves where dogs are permitted.
  • Philip7 about 1 year ago
    I do not support dogs anywhere in Wellington Park. We should respect the mountains flora and fauna and not bring our pets in to this environment. I welcome increased patrolling in the named areas.
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    • Tina about 1 year ago
      On leash dogs kept on tracks are not a problem. I presume it is those special people that do not follow the rules and let their dogs of leash that cause concern. I too welcome patrolling and fines be imposed.
  • tarfin about 1 year ago
    HOBART CITY COUNCIL DOG POLICY --- REVIEW OF DRAFTITEM 3.2w.r.t. pre-requisites, needs an extra dot point:• Ensure that the dog cannot hurt itself by coming into contact with broken garden furniture or equipment, sharp surfaces, narrow spaces.w.r.t. wearing of collars:Owners advised to add a tag with the owners contact phone number, to enable quick direct contact should the dog stray and be found.ITEM 3.3w.r.t. contacting CouncilShould read “ ….contact us by one of the following: …”It presently reads as if all methods should be used regardless.ITEM 3.3.1w.r.t. finding a roaming dog, include the following:If the dog permits, and if it has a phone number on its collar tag, then try a direct contact with the owner. If unsuccessful, then contact Council. Doing it this way will make the owner feel more guilty about letting the dog escape, be quicker in most cases than going through council, cost less for both the owner and Council, be kinder to the dog and also promote community interactivity.ITEM 3.3.2w.r.t. reporting of dog attacks:to state: “…. Please contact us by one of the following: ….. “ITEM 4.1w.r.t. Fees: There is no mention of the discounts that apply to the various Assistance Dog categories other than Guide Dogs. Assistance Dogs in all their abilities – hearing, pickup, self-assurance and companionship should all be registerable for free. Any assistance category dog should be registered as such and have a special tag. w.r.t. number of dogs permitted:There is no mention of caring for a visiting dog staying. e.g. caring for a relatives/friends dog while the owner is away or recovering from illness or surgery.ITEM 5.1w.r.t. prohibited areas - dogs in stores:Some stores do already allow dogs. Some allow dogs to be carried. Should those stores establish an outlet in the City, then they would want to have that flexibility.However, owners should be advised to not bring non-assistance dogs into the CBD.w.r.t. Exceptions:Those dogs that are excepted from the in-shop ban to include Guide Dogs, hearing dogs, assistance dogs – those that assist people in wheel chairs, and those that give confidence.Personal guard dogs and lapdogs to not be included.ITEM 5.2w.r.t. recreation and exercise areas:“The Council provides various locations to……….” It certainly is not “many”, given the number of dogs in the Council area.ITEM 5.4No item found.ITEM 5.5w.r.t. Walking your dog/ Doggy doo bags, dispensers and collection bins.Bags and bins MUST be provided in all permitted dog exercise areas, on-lead and off-lead.If there is no easy access to a bag and a bin then there is not enough reason to use the area over another that might be nearby and not listed as an exercise area. Just because it is not listed, does not help guide those who cannot read or who refuse to read.Bags and bins MUST also be provided at key points on the more popular dog walking routes. This way, there is: no reason to not pick up after your dog, peer pressure can be applied, the footpaths are cleaner, the owners can get a bag or two in stock for when walking in a different location later on.w.r.t. number of dogs being walked.The limit of two dogs does not cater for the professional Dog Walkers who rely on being able to take several dogs at the same time in order to make the walk worthwhile.Allow them to register as Dog Walkers so that they may have up to five dogs at a time.This number has been observed in Sandy Bay and all dogs were behaving themselves and seemed to be enjoying each-others company. The lady handler was definitely in charge and was able to get the group across the road in an orderly fashion.
  • Hobart about 1 year ago
    I have no changes / additions to make. This Policy appears to be very thorough and appropriate.
  • Peter Jones about 1 year ago
    problem is unresponsive dog owners, who are often like their dogs. A dog in my street killed my cat and the HCC dog officer came up to check around the neighbourhood but the dog still gets loose and nothing happens. Most dog owners are fine and do the right thing; the problem is the small minority. What is the policy then when the owner fails to respond positively ?
  • ABC about 1 year ago
    As Lucy suggests it is commonplace for the regulations to be ignored. Dogs in playgrounds, dogs on beaches where they are banned eg Cornelian and Long Beach, dogs off lead in areas where they should be 'on lead'.The culture of dogs as toys and fashion accessories to people ill equipped to look after them is endemic.Dogs inside the Taste, inside the Cygnet Folk Festival, even in MONA recently.Dogs barking and yapping all day and through the night.Dogs everywhere but no enforcement of the regulations.
  • Lucy about 1 year ago
    I like that there is in writing that dogs are not permitted in children's playground areas, it should also be extended to include not to be left/ restrained within a 10m area of entry points to these areas as that in my opinion is an on going issue, of trying to get past the dog tied close to or at the gate.
  • maclovell about 1 year ago
    he John Turnbull park in Lenah Valley is fantastic- well done to the Council and the officers who designed it! I do worry though when owners with entire dogs arrive as their dogs can be too aggressive. Could some form of notice or controls be provided?We had a very large dog roaming free in our street - it was a Husky of some kind - late one night. We rang the after hours number and were told HCC don't control dogs after hours and we should take the dog in (NOT LIKELY!) The dog could have been hurt or attacked some one in the street. Please introduce an after hours dog ranger service, before either of the above scenarios occurs.