May → June 2018

Draft vision released for comment

February 2018

Community Panel

The Community Panel was a group of 46 community members and business people from across the city. The majority of the panel was randomly selected through the Tasmania-based market research company, EMRS.

This was a 'deliberative democracy' approach—one where panellists received information and evidence and provided advice and recommendations on a topic of importance for the city. In this case, the topic was the vision that will guide the City of Hobart's work into the future.

The panel worked with the story from Only in Hobart and the pillars from the City Forum. They also received other background information and heard from subject matter experts on a range of topics.

Over three weekends, developed a report that they presented to the Council Aldermen themselves, at 14 March 2018 meeting of the Finance and Governance Committee. This report created the core of City of Hobart's next vision.

Once the vision document was drafted, based on the panellists input and findings from the engagement, the draft was returned to panellists for their review and input.

January → February 2018

Stakeholder engagment

There were two ways that stakeholders provided input:

- Provided a written submission

- Attended a stakeholder workshop

All of the feedback was provided to the Community Panel, to inform their deliberations about the draft vision. It was also reconsidered during the drafting of the vision.

December 2017 → February 2018

Wider engagement

There were three ways to write to the vision project team with your ideas about the future of Hobart:

- Fill out the hard copy survey distributed with the City News to all the residences and businesses in Hobart

- Fill out the online survey for individual community members on Your Say

- Stop by one of three pop ups at Salamanca Market, Farm Gate Market and the Christmas tree lighting (Nov 2017)

All of the feedback was provided to the Community Panel, to inform their deliberations about the draft vision. It was also reconsidered during the drafting of the vision.

25 November → 26 November 2017

City Forum

The City Forum involved a group of 116 Hobartians gathering over a weekend session. They responded to the story and began developing principles and pillars (areas of focus) for broader city strategy in Hobart. They also discussed ways of bringing these concepts to life through personal action.

This was the first vision project stage where bottom-up ideas, stories, and energy from Hobartians begins to meet decision-making and policy development—building the future of the City.

The findings from the forum will fed into the Community Panel.

September → October 2017

Only in Hobart

A team of interviewers is had in-depth conversations with 214 people from Greater Hobart, to search for a uniting story about our city.

Topics included:
- What are you most proud of about the city?
- What are examples of Hobart at its best?
- What could only happen here?
- What would you like to preserve?
- What would it break your heart to lose?

Half of the participants were a random stratified sample of people from across ages, suburbs, gender, life stage, and socio-economic backgrounds. Stakeholders and innovators from varied communities, including businesspeople, artists, and social and environmental leaders also participated. (Our FAQs describe how we approached recruiting people to speak with.)

The interviewers heard common themes from Hobartians—what they think is important and special about this place that we call home. Powerful tensions and ideas emerged. The major themes were condensed into a narrative—the Hobart story, as spoken by community members.

To expand the conversation even more, The20 launched a blog called 'Only in Hobart'. Through October and November 2017, they revealed the major themes from the interviews and invited Hobartians to respond with their own thoughts and ideas. Visit the blog——to see what they've unearthed and join the conversation.